Safer Playing Surface

Reducing compaction and improving drainage produces ideal soil conditions, making for a thicker, softer playing surface.

Save Time and Money

No more aerators to buy and maintain, rent, or pay someone else to do. SoilTech is applied 1 or 2 times a year, and can be combined with virtually all other herbicides.

Less Rain Outs

SoilTech allows water to penetrate soil easier and deeper - eliminating standing water and giving you faster turn-around after hard rains. Reduce Rain-Outs!

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"SoilTech has helped my fields tremendously! They are far less compacted, making for a safer and superior playing surface.  Water infiltration has greatly improved, and best of all - my fields are ready for play within hours after a heavy rain.  SoilTech is a product I will use year after year"

Bob Pearson

Athletic Director

Western Oklahoma State College 

Improves Watering:

Increased pore spaces in soil allow for more water to be held, and because non-capillary pores are created, water does not evaporate as quickly. Reduce water usage and frequency, while maintaining great color.

Faster Field Recovery:

Improving soil allows roots to grow deeper and become more established, allowing turf to recover quicker after increased use.

A Low Cost Replacement For Mechanical Aeration

With All The Benefits of Mechanical Aeration, Plus...

  • SoilTech covers 100% of the turf as opposed to 3-5% for mechanical aeration
  • No unsightly plugs and holes
  • Actually changes the soil structure for longer-lasting results

Applying SoilTech Instead of Core Aeration Will Eliminates:

  • Chance of broken sprinkler heads
  • Cost of renting aerating machines
  • Hiring additional workers
  • Less damage to turf
  • Faster recovery time