SoilTech Purchasing:

Soil Technologies products are for commercial consumers only, providing the product in 5 gallon cases, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon mini-totes, and bulk delieveries.  All shipping is FOB from Tulsa, OK.  At this time, if you fall outside the distribution areas stated below, all orders will be made through us.

Soil Technologies - 877-288-7511

If you would like to see pricing for SoilTech, please fill-out the form below and a tentative price sheet for the turfgrass industry will be emailed to you.

Please contact us for pricing of SoilTech for the agricultrue industry and salt brine remediation.

Soil Technologies

Eric Mosley
PO BOX 470344
Tulsa, OK 74147
Phone - 1.877.288.7511
Fax - 918.743.4402
Email: Contact@SoilTech.net

TennLawn Distributors

Joe Gonyaw
Dyersburg, TN
Phone: 731-287-0448
Mobile: 731-676-1042
States: Tennessee and Florida

Bullseye Marketing

Doug Dahle
PO Box 1250
Spring Branch TX 78070
Phone:  817-903-3436
San Antonio Area

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