Advantages of Using SoilTech

  • It loosens and aerates compacted soil
  • Increases the water infiltration rate, helping with watering and drainage
  • Creates better air exchange within the root zone     
  • Increases Root Growth
  • Forces sodium (a big contributor to compaction) below the root zone
  • Lessens the bad effects of using high sodium municipal effluent water
  • Will Not build up in the soil
  • Is Completely Biodegradable
  • Works better and faster than gypsum
  • Works longer and better than any surfactant
  • A Enviromentally Friendly Product


Municipal Effluent Water or Gray Water:

It's becoming more common for courses to hook up to the local municipal waste water treatment plant or their own sewage lagoons.  One of the drawbacks is the amount of sodium in that type of water. Due to the cation exchange, sodium is highly attracted to SoilTech.  Once attached, SoilTech pulls the sodium down through the soil profile and away from the root zone, allowing more normal nutrient uptake and reducing compaction.
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Golf Course Superintendents

As the Golf Course Superintendent, you keep the course green and looking good, fix the problems, and make sure it’s playable—you know the advantages to mechanical aeration!  The basic pluses are better water and air penetration and better root system development.

SoilTech does all this and does it with an easy-to-apply liquid.  When SoilTech is applied to the turf and watered in, it expands and creates microscopic pores in the soil as water pushes it down into the soil profile.  These small channels provide the soil with the same benefits as mechanical aeration—better water penetration into those pores.  Because SoilTech makes new pores, the roots now have somewhere to expand.  And finally, due to the increased pore spaces, the roots have a place to draw outside oxygen and expel their carbon dioxide.   SoilTech does all of this and, because it’s a liquid, it affects 100% of the area treated.(This is a very simplified explanation of a very complex chemical action and reaction.)

For as complex as the chemistry is, the results are very straightforward—better growth rates, better drainage, better recovery of damaged turf and a better-looking course.

Where and How Would You Use SoilTech?

Tee Boxes:  On many courses, this can be one of the worst areas. To mechanically aerate you have to mow the plugs off, harvest them or hear about it from the players.  With SoilTech, all you have to do is make a liquid application, water it in and you’re done.

Fairways:  Of course, all turf areas will benefit from SoilTech, but your fairways offer larger problem areas.  Landing zones, poor drainage areas, hardpan near cart paths, and compacted ground in thin turf areas due to lack of sunlight.  SoilTech can help with all of these tough areas.  But instead of mechanical aeration that requires more labor and more repairs, you can apply this with any type of boom applicator, boomless nozzle, or even through your fertigation system.

Greens:  Most greens today are sand based and don’t need any additional aeration. However, many older courses and more rural courses not built to USGA standards may need the help. Again, here we can provide you with a quicker way of aeration that is less labor-intensive and holds less chance for errors. SoilTech will keep the greens looking good, softer and better able to handle the wear and tear.

Roughs:  Many courses do as little as they have to on roughs.  But just as many have to keep them in shape.  The ground typically is a little lower quality and gets irrigated less. This is perfect for SoilTech. It allows those areas to look better and have more consistent growth without additional time or labor.