Tired of Core Aeration?

Using SoilTech in place of mechanical aeration will save money and increase your profit margins.

  • SoilTech aerates 100% of the lawn, while mechanical aeration only treats 5%.

  • Application is less labor intensive, reducing worker fatigue and the potential for workers comp claims.

  • No more damaged sprinkler heads.

New Cash Flow

Lawn care operators will have a new cash flow product in SoilTech.

  • SoilTech can be mixed in with your standard application and offered to your customers at an additional premium price.

  • SoilTech appeals to customers because it is an environmentally friendly product.

Increase Your Production

A standard mechanical aerator can only cover up to 25,000 ft² per hour.  Normal tank spraying covers 50,000 ft² per hour – that’s double the amount of production.  

The Mechanical Aeration Myth

There is a myth out there that says mechanical aeration is the only way to reduce compaction.  Read this and see really how affective mechanical aeration is on a lawn.

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The Primary Reasons Why You Aerate:

  • Enable the soil to soak up more water and increase water penetration, resulting in a better-looking lawn, especially in dry conditions.
  • Give the root system a place to expand, resulting in a better root system and a greener lawn.

  • Allow for better air exchange to increase the root system's efficiency, resulting in a healthier plant.

Unfortunately, mechanical aeration does have problems that eat into your overall profitability.

Have you experienced:

  • Machine breakdowns and costly repairs?
  • Employee wear and tear on trailers or trucks that haul the machines?
  • Employee workers’ comp claims due to lifting or using the aerators?
  • Customer complaints about the plugs all over the lawn?Aerator-1
  • Damaged sprinkler heads?
  • Customer complaints about the limited number of aeration holes?
  • Customers not watering their lawns prior to mechanical aeration?
  • Giving customers flags to mark their sprinkler heads (and them forgetting to do it)?
  • Employees spending valuable time locating sprinkler heads before aerating?
  • Realizing that a mechanical aerator only has a positive effect on 3% to 5% of the lawn
  • The low coverage area and results of mechanical aeration?

How is SoilTech Better?

When SoilTech is applied to the lawn and watered in, it expands and creates microscopic channels as  it pushes through the soil profile. These small channels provide the same benefits as mechanical aeration: better water penetration, room for roots to expand, and a place to draw in outside oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. SoilTech does all of this and affects 100% of the treated area, as opposed to mechanical aeration which affects only 5% of the treated area. (This is a very simplified explanation of a very complex chemical action and reaction -- click here for the full story.)

If you decide to switch your customers to a liquid aeration, you’ll be happy to find a lot of positives:

  • Save money on aerator upkeep and repairs.
  • Reduced workers’ comp claims by elminating heavy lifting and operation of machinery.
  • No more customer complaints about plug litter and broken sprinklers.
  • Your customers and employees aren't burdened with flagging sprinklers.
  • You don’t have to ask your customers to water the lawn before you get there.
  • soiltech_lawn_care_photos-5-caption100% of the lawn is treated, as opposed to 3% - 5%.
  • SoilTech is not a pesticide or fertilizer, so most states don’t require a license to apply it.
  • SoilTech can be applied with existing spraying equipment.
  • SoilTech saves time over mechanical aeration, enabling more lawns to be completed each day.
  • SoilTech is more economical than mechanical aeration. 
  • Your lawns will look better than your competitors’.
  • SoilTech easily appeals to the public because it is ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY and BIODEGRADABLE

How Do I Offer SoilTech?

Two ways: One, you can begin offering liquid aeration as a stand-alone service, just as the companies that are offering mechanical aeration. The advantage to doing this is that you can simply apply SoilTech at the same time as a dry application - no additional visit to the customer is required. You can also charge a premium for the application (more than the regular application price).

Or, you can make SoilTech a part of your regular application schedule.  In other words, if you are currently offering 6 applications, you would be offering 7 with the addition of SoilTech. Alternatively, SoilTech can also take the place of one of your existing applications. 

Whichever option you choose, we'll assist you in creating your marketing materials and training your staff on the benefits of aeration and SoilTech.

Salt Contaminated Lawns:

Many people in coastal areas and places that use copious amounts of salts for ice/snow removal tend to have problems with their lawns. This is because sodium/salt has a tendency to lock onto important plant nutrients in the soil, resulting in poor growth and plant color.

SoilTech is highly effective in these situations because it posseses characteristics specifically designed to attract sodium and pull it below the root zone, leaving the minerals and nutrients available for the grass plants.