Salt Brine / Produced Water Remediation

SoilTech allows a company to reduce its exposure to high remediation costs associated with dig and hauling.  And since SoilTech works faster and more thorough than gypsum or phyto-remediation, the site can be restored much more quickly.  The faster the site is cleaned up, the happier the landowner.


Hydrocarbon Remediation

Crude spills or any hydrocarbon spills are just a part of doing business in this industry. SoilTech Hydrocarbon Remediation offers products and services that will quickly and completely remediate virtually any hydrocarbon spill. Since SoilTech-HCR is an in-situ process, sites can be treated in one day and cost a fraction of other methods like excavation.

Heavy Metal Remediation

Heavy Metal Remediation is a one-of-a-kind, patented solution designed to help you effectively prevent and remediate heavy metal leaching and pollution in the most environmentally friendly way.